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World’s Smallest Stun Gun

World's Smallest Stun Gun

The Hornet claims to be the world’s smallest stun gun, and with 6,000,000 volts packed into this baby who are you to argue? Nobody, that’s who, because I’ll shock your nuts right off if you even look at me wrong. It also comes with a flashlight, you know, so you can see who’s trying to molest you before you zap them in the throat. Weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring just half an inch thick, the Hornet is discrete enough to carry with you at all times. So the next time the dog’s barking too loudly, the kids are playing up or your bound and gagged partner needs a little love shock, the Hornet will be on hand to fulfil all of your brutal, tasing requirements.


World's Smallest Stun Gun
World's Smallest Stun Gun

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