The Bicycle Lock You’ll Never Be Able to Forget

Finally, a bicycle lock you don’t have to lug around while you’re riding to and from your destination. The Seatylock is an all-in-one lock and saddle, meaning no more heavy, awkwardly-shaped piece of metal weighing down your travel bag.

The one-meter long lock is ultra-strong, rustproof, and durable, with one model’s seat connector withstanding 10,000 test runs before they gave up. It transforms from seat into a secure lock and back in 30 seconds or less.

Your own comfort were not forgotten, with each of the two different available saddle styles (trekking and comfort) fixing at three points to create a spring effect. A specially designed mechanism prevents accidental release while riding.

Learn more in these pictures and video. To pick up your own and never worry about forgetting your lock again, visit Seatylock.

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via Seatylock, Design Boom

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