Palacio de Cristal Transformed into Rainbow Palace by Kimsooja

Thanks to artist Kimsooja, visitors to Madrid’s Palacio de Cristal (“Crystal Palace”) will experience the sensory overload of a lifetime. By adding translucent diffraction film to the palace’s numerous windows, the artist created an effect in which those who enter are bathed in a sea of beautiful rainbows which dance around the room.

The effect has only been enhanced by a highly-polished mirrored floor (also a new addition). This creates a captivating experience for visitors, who are faced with gorgeous arrays of colorful light being sent at them from practically every possible direction.

As if that were not enough, the artist also added a subtle yet beautiful audio track, to complete the intended feeling that you have entered some kind of beautiful dreamworld.

View more of this beautiful palace of rainbows in the photos below or by visiting the artist’s website, where you can also view more of her recent work.

kimsooja palace palace of crystal by kimsooja rainbow crystal palace

rainbow palace kimsooja

via Kimsooja, My Amp Goes to 11

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