Micro Home Builders ‘Minim’ Debut 210 SqFt Masterpiece

Award-winning micro home builders Minim have proven again and again that living small doesn’t necessarily meaning living without. The Washington D.C.-based firm’s crowning achievement sits just 2 miles from the Capitol Building, providing its owners with 210 square feet of ultra-tiny, ultra-chic space.

Inside, practically everything has multiple functions. The microwave doubles as a convection oven while the coffee table can be raised to serve as a dinner table or even moved completely and used as an end table for cocktails. Removing the cutting board reveals a high Btu marine grade cooktop.

For entertaining, a 9:16 LED projector screen rolls down from the ceiling and also doubles as a sunshade. The office nook features room for a full-size musical keyboard and sits above the rollout bed. Minim’s designers even found room for an in-wall AC unit and full-size closet.

An array of features make the home able to go completely off the grid, should its owners wish. Potable water is created via a water filtration system, the kitchen sink is pedal-operated, and 960-watt solar panels are mounted on the roof. The tiny sustainable home’s LED lights, marine refrigerator and water pump run off 12 volt power while an Outback pure sine inverter runs the home’s remaining appliances.

View more on this off the grid micro home by viewing the video and pictures below, or by visiting Minim.
tiny micro home minim house micro home

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via Minim

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