Foot Hammock Keeps Your Toes Comfy and Warm

If you’re going to be stuck at your computer for hours on end working or gaming, you might as well be comfortable. A nice desk, easy to view monitor and comfy chair are something you’ve likely already taken care of, but what about your poor ole feet?

College student and gamer Matt took on this problem that has been plaguing our civilization with his Kickstarter-funded creation The Foot Hammock. Rather than propping your dirty feet up on some books or the wall, Matt’s creation allows your feet to hang comfortably.

The hammock for your feet attaches securely to the underside of any desk and is capable of supporting up to 100lbs. It’s available in either a breathable mesh or cozy fleece. There’s even an electric-heated version for those of us constantly fighting the cold toes battle.

And perhaps most importantly, yes the hammock is machine washable (but we still think you should maybe start washing your feet every once in a while, okay?). Learn more in these pictures and video or by checking out Matt’s Kickstarter page.

foot hammock

feet hammock

hammock for feet

foot swing

feet warmer

keep feet warm

via Kickstarter

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