Finally! Food Saver Wraps That Stick to Your Food NOT You!

Tired of seeing your half-eaten fruit and other foods go to waste? Fed up with food saver wraps that cling to everything BUT your food?

Fusionbrands’ CoverBlubber Food Savers are for you! The reusable, eco-friendly wraps stretch, cling, and form to fit your food, dishes, and containers no matter how irregular the shape.

The food storage wraps come in a set of 4 color-coded sizes which fit objects up to 12 inches. They’re (of course) food safe as well as BPA/Phthalates free.

The CoverBlubbers require hand washing before reusing, but given their simple and sturdy construction it’s a quick chore that should bother no one. We found them to be very reasonably priced, especially considering that they should pay for themselves many times over by reducing your food spoilage.

Pick up a set of these excellent food saving wraps here.

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via Fusionbrands, The Green Head

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