Designer Faucet Makes Water Flow as Beautiful Swirls

If you’ve got a kitchen or bathroom remodel on your to-do list, then this designer faucet needs to shoot to the top of your priority list. The Swirl Faucet by London-based designer Simin Qui dispenses water in beautiful patterns you probably never realized were possible.

The faucet creates its uniquely gorgeous streams of water using a series of valves, springs, and turbines. Simple tap the fixture to toggle between a normal flow and a swirling, beautiful stream.

Qui’s faucet doesn’t just look great, it also has a positive environmental impact, using 15% less water than a traditional fixture. Energy is conserved thanks to a pre-set temperature, and flow begins 0.4 seconds faster and at a softer force thanks to its swirling motion.

Learn more about the energy efficient faucet works in the diagrams below of by visiting Qui’s page on behance.

swirl faucet

efficient faucet

designer faucet

custom faucet

simin qui faucet


behance faucet


via Yanko Design

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