Creative Nail Holder Keeps Your Fingers From Getting Hammered

An Israel based designer name Avihai Shurin has created his own quirky and fun nail holder to help protect your fingers from the wrath of a hammer. His idea came from his life lessons as a carpenters son and the need to keep your fingers from injury.

He designed his product “Nail It” for monkey business with the idea that he can make an ordinary task a little less ordinary. Nail it is made out of plastic and comes with different sized holes that should be able to fit most common nail sizes.

Creative nail holder
Different holes hold different sized nails.
Unique nail holder
Fun design makes work more fun.
safety nail holder
Helps keep your fingers out of harm’s way.
quirky nail holder
Easy to use for almost any nail size.
clever nail holder
Clever tool for your work bench


via designboom

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