Under a Pool On the Edge of a Cliff… No Biggie for This Home!

This conceptual home by Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) tests every limit, placing itself precariously embedded in a cliff-side on the Aegean Sea. Oh, by the way, it’s also directly beneath a glass-bottom pool (which seems to be popular lately).

Remarkably the home uses only simple materials such as wood, glass, and raw concrete with no feature on the home rising above ground level. From the horizon, one would only know it was there if they were to view the facade from the sea.

The cliff-side home’s roof is a crystalline pool with a reinforced, glazed glass bottom. The home’s facade is all glass as well, allowing its residents to be bathed in natural light.

Fifty stairs lead downward into the home, where you enter through an oversized door made of aged wood. Inside, furnishings are simple with the focus intended to remain on the sea.

A cast concrete dining table is complemented by concrete bench finished with polished wood. On the near wall is a large fire place. A steel staircase leads to the master bedroom on the mezzanine level.

Also found in the home are a guest room, storage area, and bathroom. Take a look inside this intriguing luxury home below.

stairway to cliff home

top view cliff house

exterior cliff home

master bedroom cliff house

inside of cliff house

kitchen cliff house

view from cliff house

entrance to cliff house

house under pool

via OPA, Design Boom

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