This Door Lock Is Empowered By Smart Phone App

Have you ever locked yourself out of the house? You lock the door knob and realize your keys are still in the house, and now you have to find a way in. If you’re anything like me, windows are locked, doors are locked, lets face it, its not happening. You have to call a locksmith to open your door, and that costs just a little bit too much, am I right? So lets be honest, how many of us leave the house without our phone? Probably 98% of us are saying “Not me, I always have my phone on me.”, so how would you feel about a smart door lock that can be run from your phone?

Bekey has developed a Bluetooth smart lock that is empowered by an app you can purchase on your phone, with a touch of a button, you can be in your house! I know that to some of you this doesn’t sound very safe, and you’re wondering if anyone with a smartphone can open your door. This is not the case, you must approve all users to have access to use the door lock, and can quickly delete access to any user, at anytime.

Smart Door Lockvia gadgetflow

Smart door locks are becoming more popular and this type of thing is perfect for parents with kids who have curfews, or need to get in the house after school while their at work, and you don’t have to worry about your kids forgetting their keys at home or at school. Also, the app sends you an alert anytime the door is locked or unlocked, so you will always know if your kids really are making it home for curfew. This idea is also perfect for anyone who is having maintenance work done while they are at work, simply give maintenance worker access to the lock and they can easily complete their work, and once they leave you can delete their access immediately, ensuring they wont make it back in your home. Ideal for pet owners who plan on going on vacation and don’t wish to board your animals. If you find yourself a pet sitter, you can add them to your access list so they can easily care for your four legged kids while you are away, so you can enjoy that vacation without the worry of your pets being safe!

App-Enabled-Smart-Door-Lock-by-Bekey-01via gadgetflow

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