Barn Apartment Mixes Rustic and Contemporary Styling

OFIS Architects recently completed this renovation of a barn apartment in the Slovenian countryside, transforming it into a beautiful contemporary loft which makes fantastic use of light and space.

A ramp offers access to the home which features an open-plan. Large windows bathe the home in natural light which reflects off of the locally harvested spruce timber.

Both rough, natural beams and smooth, modern finishes are used throughout the home, perfectly reflecting the home’s embracing of both old and new styling.

Two levels of living space hold a family room, dining area, guest room and master bedroom which are complimented with luxuries such as a sauna, fireplace, and built-in wall storage space.

Step inside this simple, yet wonderfully modern apartment in Slovenia by viewing the pictures below, or take a look at our story on a million-dollar barn home in The Hamptons.

apartment barn

apartment in barn

barn loft

barn with apartment

barn with loft apartment

home in Alps

loft apartment barn

loft barn

slovenia barn

slovenia countryside

via Tomaz Gregoric, OFIS Architects, Design Boom

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