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Johnny Fekete


Back end


Front end


Mobile apps

Full stack developer with practical knowledge and experience in technologies required to design and build rich web-applications and mobile apps from scratch

Software Developer

I have experience with all levels of the software development process, to deliver reliable, maintable solutions.

  • creating user- and technical requirements
  • architecture planning
  • database design
  • well-documented coding
  • object-oriented programming
  • testing (unit testing)
  • revision control (Git)
  • deployment

UX/UI Designer

I always think with a user-focused mindset while I'm working on intuitive interface designs.

  • wireframing
  • usage of personas, interaction scenarios
  • prototyping
  • simplifying complex problems
  • creating graphical elements with Illustrator or Photoshop

Front End Developer

The best part of creating web-applications is when the design becomes a reality, and the users can see the result on their screens, tablets or other devices.

  • following the latest HTML5 standards
  • CSS / SASS
  • creating responsive designs
  • making magic with JavaScript
    • native JavaScript
    • jQuery, other plugins
    • communicating with APIs through AJAX (REST)
    • MVC-s such as Backbone.js or AngularJS
  • integrating social plugins, Facebook, Twitter gadgets, maps
  • paying attention on Search Engine Optimization

Back End Developer

Fancy web- and mobile apps need a solid skeleton system that securily handles data and provides necessarry services.

  • configuring Linux servers
  • creating backend functionality in PHP
    • object-oriented programming
    • database manipulation
    • integration with APIs
    • working with various plugins (e.g. exporting PDF files, handling images)
  • Wordpress themes, customization
  • Node.JS

Native iOS App Developer

Tapping on an app's icon is much faster than entering an URL in the browser, and these apps can have a much richer functionality.

  • creating iOs apps (for both iPhones and iPads)
  • working with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch framework
    • experimenting with Swift
  • interacting with API-s
  • using services of the device (camera, GPS, accelerometer etc.)
  • built-in controllers or totally unique design

About me

My academical studies involved business administration, IT- and project management, so I can translate real-world problems to technological challenges, and I can provide solutions that are simple and intuitive. I love to learn about new things, meet new people, attend interesting events and follow the latest technological trends.

Here are some fun-facts

  • I'm a social media junkie :)
  • I love extreme sports: parkour, bouldering, skating
  • I still watch all Disney movies on the day of their premier
  • I learn to play the guitar, and one day I'll be a pop star
  • I live in the Apple ecosystem
  • I haven't had a TV in the last 10 years
  • I love donuts (the sweeter the better)

If you are interested in my previous works, you can see some of them in my portfolio, or you can read my CV.

But hey, why don't you write me a message or add me on LinkedIn or Facebook instead? :)

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